Meet Nutrition Communications Expert, Michelle Jaelin

Michelle Jaelin is an award winning Canadian registered dietitian and nutrition communications expert who is a trusted voice from local to international media. Michelle delivers dynamic educational talks focused on practicing inclusive nutrition, decolonizing health and wellness, and busting myths about cultural foods.

With two degrees in both visual arts and nutrition sciences, Michelle uses her creativity to regularly create science-based nutrition and healthy Asian food and recipe content on her blog and social media @michellejaelin. She has been featured in over 100 interviews on local and national television, print and online publications and digital media channels worldwide.

Speaking for Conferences, Workshops and More

As a nutrition communications professional, Michelle has a strong understanding of intersectionality and cultural competence to help you unlearn and relearn how to embrace diverse cuisines, balancing them with a healthy lifestyle.

Her goal is always for audience members to leave with either actionable tips for better health, or with greater awareness in how to cultivate greater inclusivity in the health world.


Healthy Eating Includes Your Cultural Foods!

Is the Mediterranean Diet really the best diet? For decades, nutrition scientists have cited the Mediterranean Diet as “the healthiest.” However, nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all, as people eat differently all around the world. Michelle discusses nutrition from a global perspective. Learn how you can eat more nutritiously, have better energy, and maintain your health while incorporating your cultural foods.


How to Practice Culturally Competent and Inclusive Nutrition (For professionals)

Many diet-related chronic diseases such as heart disease, hypertension and type diabetes 2 disproportionately impact racial/ethnic minority populations. Michelle discusses how to approach nutrition care when working with BIPOC populations through cultural competence, inclusive nutrition practices and knowledge of food diversity. Leave with greater confidence in working with diverse individuals in your practice.

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